Why V60? Kenapa V60?.....

Ok, V60 tergolong kepada beberapa budak budak nakal yang bermain dengan radio frequency 146.550Mhz (simplex band plan V60) dan juga kegiatan Outdoor mereka. Ahli ahlinya terdiri daripada Tok Penghulu Belangkas, Budak Relay, Budak Kawah, Budak Toyol, Budak 88, Budak Perumahan, Budak Hutan, Budak Hitam, SWL Budak Jepun, Budak Hamna, Budak Kargo, Apek, Budak Mamak, Budak Pendek dan lain lain Budak yang belum dapat geleran lagi.... dan kami juga masih lagi menunggu geleran "Budak" baru, untuk menyertai v60 ...hahahah tunggu gelaran anda!!!

Disclaimer Blogger!!!

V60 Community is NOT a club, society, association and whatever name you think about... We are just a license ham radio operator and with a few SWL
(Short Wave Listener).

V60 Community Licensed Ham's always QSO on the air at frequency 146.550Mhz (V60). We have a very good amateur spirit among each other and we are STRICTLY follow amateur radio guidelines, rules and regulation provided by MCMC. No individual are allowed to transmit without AA (Apparatus Assignment), Period!!

All legal amateur station operators are welcome to this community provided you must show a good spirit and behave yourself as a civilisation human being in this planet...
So, lets enjoy our hobby...!!

Pesanan daripada pihak Suruhanjaya Komunikasi Dan Multimedia Malaysia

Regulation 27(1) of the Communications and Multimedia (Technical Standards) Regulations 2000 states that NO PERSON SHALL UNDERTAKE OR CONDUCT ANY ACTIVITY DESIGNATED SKILL AREA UNLESS THAT PERSON IS CERTIFIED. Amateur Radio Operator has been gazetted as a designated skill area category under the regulation, hence to operate an amateur radio station a person needs to have an appropriate proficiency and skill i.e certified in this area. The certification (AROC) is necessary to prove that the radio amateur operators have good knowledge of the subject and able to operate an amateur radio station in correction and responsible manner required by the law.

Cerita dia sesiapa yang tidak memiliki Lesen Radio Amatur (AROC) yang sah di LARANG sama sekali membuat pemancaran atau kendalian radio!.
Maka kami di V60 (146.550mhz) tidak akan melayan atau menjawab pangilan sekiranya station itu TIDAK memiliki callsign yang SAH.
Duduki lah peperiksaan radio amatur (RAE) yang akan diadakan oleh pihak Suruhanjaya Komunikasi Dan Multimedia Malaysia pada setiap tahun.










V60 Eyeball Location QTH 2

Sunday, October 25, 2009

ILP Nibong Tebal Penang (Amateur Radio Introduction & Demo)

ILP Nibong Tebal, Saturday 24th Oct 2009. A group of hams called them self V60 Community and other hams join hand in hand to support for the Ham talks at the venue. They manage to brought out a few communication equipment set in oder them to make a demo to all the participant there. The ham talks lead by our Tok Penghulu 9W2ART and the rest of the hams members were supported on the equipments setup. We here in V60 community Penang would like to say Thank You to you guys and good job, not to forget to others hams also who supported during the Ham Talks & demo at ILP on that day. You guys have show a good spirit among hams....KUDOS!! to all involved.
Last but not least Special thanks to En Halim Pengarah of ILP Nibong Tebal Penang, invited us for the talks, your hospitality and cooperation are much appreciated.

Crew involved are : 9W2ART, 9M2LR, 9W2ACY, 9W2OYZ, 9W2RAY, 9W2KOB, 9W2VAD, 9W2AZV (Perlis), 9W2PJU (KL), SWL Musli Pendek, Finally 9W2WOC on-air support.

p/s: Adoi tengok you guys makan kari udang besar & air tebu memang yum yum...

Sunday, October 4, 2009

R.A.C.E.S. : Penang Bridge Marathon Call For Communication Volunteer

Dear All Members,
Good day to you,
We would like to inform you who are interested duty of Pg Bridge International Marathon Y2009 Pls send in your registration ASAP...!!!!!!

Call Sign: ?
Full Name: ?
Mobile # ?
ID # ?
T-Shirt Site: ? (Not sure have sponsor or not)

Email the detail to 9w2dcy@marts.org.my

Date: 22 Nov 09
Time: 0000 Hrs to 1000 Hrs
Registration cut off Date: 6th Nov 09

Remarks: Position is 1st come 1st serve DONT last min...!!!!!
: We are also welcome SWL to joining.
: Who receive this massage pls help to acknowledge is ASAP.

Details Information will send to you later...

012 - 427 8030

APRS (Automatic Packet Reporting System) sharing

Dear All,
Good day to you,
We would like to invite you to attend APRS (Auto Packet Reporting System) sharing and you will know more the operation work... !!!!

Date: 24th Oct 09 (Saturday)
Time : 1930 Hrs(7.30pm) to 2030 Hrs (8.30pm)
Location: St John HQ.

We welcome all members or SWL to attend the Sharing ... TQ

More detail pls contact 9w2dcy@marts.org.my

p/s: i'm just passing the info around...

73, de 9w2acy